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I’ve moved on to create my own fashion/City Life website.  For more about KR styles, awesome city districts, fashion students, street fashion, restaurants, cafes, artist and more, check out http://www.districtgal.com and “Like” the District Gal Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/districtgal.  Thank you to all District Gal contributors and truly appreciate the support!

Winter Hunter



사본 -photo (1)

사본 -photo (2)

Fur muffler 30,000 won (Sinsa ROK Fashion) – Knit Shirt 15,000 won (Uniqlo) – 18,000 won Leggings (Myeondong ROK Fashion) – Wedge boots 69,000 won (ZARA) – Hat 10,0000 (Myeongdong ROK Fashion)

Fuzzy Winter Glamour

These white fuzzy sweaters are popular for winter. In Korea you can find them everywhere, shopping at the subway station you can find them at a bargain, but the quality might be better at department stores. When I’m shopping, I think to myself, how long am I going to use this? Is it too trendy? and when will I wear it? I usually keep things for around a month (I am guessing) I see clothes as temporary pieces, I’m sorry but only home good like furniture are permanent. We are not cars that need updating once every two years. Trendy is fun for a hot date or a fun Christmas party, but if it’s too trendy and too expensive it’s probably not worth buying. The feeling of new clothes gives me a sense of refreshment. I must have something new, and not having a dryer in Korea doesn’t help, it give me an excuse to go shopping. I would say these white fuzzy sweaters are long-term keepers. I might have a white one this year and have a black one next year that might have a subtle difference. This is the key and secret in keeping up with fashion trends. Next mission, fuzzy white sweater! =)

Fuzzy White Sweater
Fuzzy Jacket

ROKstyles Project

These days, I’ve been busy with a number amount of projects for film, music entertainment and my other blog ROKstyles run with two wonderful woman Caroline Bryan and Danielle Potgieter. ROKstyles is a fashion blog about styling, life in South Korea, and a guide to global fashion lovers. Click on the image below and follow us. We are only at the beginning of our passionate journey. There really is something here for everyone!

Turkey Style

Mixxo 30,000 won

Hide your turkey tummy!

Fluffy Muffins

A Girl's Guide To Beauty & Clean Eating

TanyDi Art & Design

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