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Sale Sale Sale

Take Seoul subway line 1 to Gasan Digital Complex.  You can go out any exit and you will find huge shopping centers almost on every corner.  They kind of remind me of outlets in the states minus some brand names plus some Korean brands.  The crowds, especially during special sales, are similar to “U.S. Black Fridays.”  (In Korea, the shopping streets are like that almost every weekend.) Organic Korean Cafe

This cafe is an escape near the station.  Away from all the crowds, but excitingly offers a video game playing area.  Video games and play rooms they are the most popular activities to do in Korea.

ExpensiveYou’re probably looking at that 150,00 sign, but there is a rather big sale range, from 30,000 to 150,000.  Coats in Korea can costs 300,00 or more for good quality, these are “Must Buys!”

The BowKoreas ultimate hair accessory.  It works for them, but it’s hardly a fashion fab.  In the states, usually young elementary girls wear these kind of hair pins.  However, they have so many varities.  I probably would wear one just because this is the country I can get away with it. ^.^

Gangnam Street Hairpins – 10,000 and up


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Shopping in Korea, as I mentioned isn’t always the easiest.  They market to their average body types.  There aren’t many companies that deliver to Korea, but here are a few options.  If you want something other than Forever 21 and H&M, check these out:

Freepeople: They have great dresses and modern styles.


Closet Creeper: Away from chains keeping Korean finess.


Facebook, look for…

“Weegather” hit the “Like” button

WeeGather is a community page for foreign product reviewers and product testers in Korea
Products they are testing are:
-Korean cosmetics
-Korean Food
-Korean Fashion Items
-Korean Electronics
Korean Websites: You’ll need a Korean helper.
Auction: You can find almost anything even street vending items for probably half the price.
If you search well enough on Amazon, sometimes they deliver.  I hope you find this useful.  If others come up, I will mention them throughout the blog.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! ^.^

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Fashion all over Korea is slightly distinctive, but believe me when I say prices can vary.  Homeplus is like Target in Korea.  There are random days Homeplus has tops you can find for 3,ooo won, this is about less than $3 in the states, I believe.  It’s easy to get ripped off on a pair of leggings.  You can dig around Seoul and find a good pair of leggings for 10,000 won compared to the price in your small town where the same leggings maybe costs 18,000 won.  Trips to Seoul aren’t easy for people like me who live 40 minutes away.  Forty minutes isn’t a long trip for us metropolitan’s, but it is exhausting if you’re making the trip on the bus that feels like you’re riding a horse.  We’re not exactly on flat land here, it’s more like being surrounded by a forest of mountains covered by cool shops on peaks.  This is sampling a glimpse and playing with blog layouts.

Suwon Station

Shoes prices from 10,000 – 50,000 won.  The quality is similar to Bakers, but they aren’t Aldo genuine leather.  These are the shoes you keep for maybe about 6 months or less.

Youngtong, Suwon

7,000 won sports sweaters, street shopping rocks, but don’t expect even “Target” quality.

7000 Won SweatersPenny Stores




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