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Bucheon station has some great shopping selections.  You can easily find awesome designer style looks for 10,000 won, leggings for 3,000 won, t-shirts for 5,000 and so forth.  I blogged about Bucheon station before but I want to start getting into specific boutique shopping in Korea.  Korean sales people are aggressive as soon as you step your foot in the shop.  You don’t even know what they have and they already asking you, “What do you need?”  Their intention is to help you find what you need so that you happily leave the shop.  It feels like they are coming on strongly, but my culture perspective is that Koreans are genuinely being helpful and servicing.  When you enter a shop they welcome you and bow, when you pay at the counter they always give you your money back in your hand and bow.  In addition, they always give you free samples.  At this shop if you are kind enough, they might give you a good cash discount.

This shop name is Daemi 다미.  The owner doesn’t speak much English, but they are the warmest sales consultants.  Prices are not super cheap, but not super expensive for good quality.  The buyer buys mostly from URS inDongdaemun (largest whole sale buying market in Korea).  URS is one of the more expensive whole sale shops inDongdaemun.

They always have at least two-three colors of the same item.  The sizes are free size and to woman this means they don’t have your size, but I would say at this specific shop most of their tops can suit small – large size woman.  The shop is near the basement exit of the station.  Come out the station turn left and walk like 4 shops forward and you can find Daemi.  Small narrow shop.








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10,000 Won Bag Heaven

What is Korean Fashion?

It’s fairly simple classic and elegant.  Their signature colors black, white, browns, and other neutral colors.  Korean fashion doesn’t have a lot of diversity in terms of color or styles.  It’s probably so they don’t stand out too much.  Korean fashion is not very different or diverse, but I will give it a cheerleader cheer to elegant simplicity and basics.

The first time I realized the lack of color was when I first went shopping  in Korea.  I came with two suitcases one was full of shoes and a bunch of other unnecessary items and the other full of essential clothing.  I wasn’t going to carry my home closet with me from USA half way across the world.  I was looking forward to awesome shopping in Korea.  Brand names here are overly expensive, no brand discount stores, what was I going to do?  It was a sad realization for me as a fashion lover.

Although Korea lacks color and fashion diversity I give it 100 points for pretty simplicity.  You can find awesome deals, interesting designs that aren’t name brand, but good quality that makes shopping “epic.”

Random Snaps


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Korea has an extremely wide selection of woman’s clothes, but unfortunately, not a wide selection of woman sizes.  I know this is a problem for foreigner girls who are not as petite as Korean woman.  This is Korea so they will market to the higher demand which is the typical Korean petite woman.  As a non-petite woman it’s definitely possible to shop in Korea, but unfortunately the styles aren’t as pretty.  In my opinion, you’re better off ordering cute styles from the internet or go to stick to international brands you can find them in Myeongdong/Gangnam.  (Brands are mostly, in Seoul’s bigger metropolitan areas.) A bit more expensive, but more wearable and at least you can try it on before you buy it.

The second problem is if you’re bargain shopping in Korea, you can’t try anything on.  This is a problem for my bank account, lol.  I bought to many shirts, skirts, and so forth thinking it was going to work out, but in the end looked better on the hanger.

It’s the same for men’s fashion, Korean men are more slender than western men.  If you have muscles, you’ll probably rip through Korean t-shirts like incredible hulk.  The good news is Korea is opening a new shopping mall in Yeoido, a new Abercombie store will open.  (Details will come later)  Abdercombie are the new male Korean trend or fad?  lol (Self-thought…I miss brand sales.)  I would also recommend shopping at Dotta in Dongdaemun.   I will keep start keeping an eye out for mens fashion.  Sorry for the neglect, typical woman worrying about my sisters out there first.  In the end, woman are the bigger target market. ;P In the meantime, I would give the same recommendation for men, if you’re not slender order online or stick to western brands here.

*Note: Sorry, I just heard they decided to open Holister instead of Abercombie.  It will be the first Holister store in Korea in the Yeoido shopping mall.

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Youngdongpo is one stop from Yongsan station.  It’s another great subway shopping spot!  I can’t help but take a glance shopping is probably one the things I’m best at.  Tom’s Factory I believe it’s a Korean brand because you can find them everywhere.  I tried doing a Google search on the company, but I didn’t have any luck finding much information.  It’s possible the Korean Google (Naver) would have information, but I’m not the best at doing Korean language searches.   They have classic Korean designs.  You can find Tom’s Factory right when you get out of the station going towards Lotte Department store.  I went to Tom’s Factory in Ewha University and they were very polite and let you try on the clothes.

Hat Heaven!  

The prices range from 10,000 – 20,000 won not expensive.


If you’re going to buy shoes in Korea, buy them on sale.  In my opinion, quality of shoes here isn’t that great.  Even if you wanted to buy a pair of decent 9 West shoes or Steve Madden‘s in Korea you are looking at double the price they would cost you in the states.  Just give yourself the break from brands and make a diverse an affordable shoe closest.  If the shoes are actually made in Korea they might be a bit more expensive but quality is better, so they’re worth it.  You need quality high heels to walk on this Korean mountain turf.

All Kinds of jeans under 20,000 won.  (BTW this is mostly for woman.)

Young Dong Po’s 10,000 won bags, I think that’s about $11 in USA.  Don’t quote me, I never understand currency conversion. haha!

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The new hair color wave in Korea.   Blue hair, pink hair, and I’m hopeful I can see more.  Korea has too much Fashion cloning going, so it’s  nice to finally see some Korean personality.

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