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Fur muffler 30,000 won (Sinsa ROK Fashion) – Knit Shirt 15,000 won (Uniqlo) – 18,000 won Leggings (Myeondong ROK Fashion) – Wedge boots 69,000 won (ZARA) – Hat 10,0000 (Myeongdong ROK Fashion)

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These white fuzzy sweaters are popular for winter. In Korea you can find them everywhere, shopping at the subway station you can find them at a bargain, but the quality might be better at department stores. When I’m shopping, I think to myself, how long am I going to use this? Is it too trendy? and when will I wear it? I usually keep things for around a month (I am guessing) I see clothes as temporary pieces, I’m sorry but only home good like furniture are permanent. We are not cars that need updating once every two years. Trendy is fun for a hot date or a fun Christmas party, but if it’s too trendy and too expensive it’s probably not worth buying. The feeling of new clothes gives me a sense of refreshment. I must have something new, and not having a dryer in Korea doesn’t help, it give me an excuse to go shopping. I would say these white fuzzy sweaters are long-term keepers. I might have a white one this year and have a black one next year that might have a subtle difference. This is the key and secret in keeping up with fashion trends. Next mission, fuzzy white sweater! =)

Fuzzy White Sweater
Fuzzy Jacket

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