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Is there a reason for my interest in Korean fashion?

Yes!  Before I decided to come to Korea, I got interested in Korean language and culture.  Though I had no idea about what Korea was all about, at the time, I wanted to arrive and jump on the Korean rollercoaster with some awareness.  I found myself getting hooked to the language, culture, dramas, music and “FASHION”.  Now, after 2 years,  I want to share my fashion endeavors with the world on what I like.  I have so many obstacles, first I have problems in communication because of the language, second Korea isn’t as small as you think, I get around on my own two legs, but in Korea that sweater you saw in Dongdaemun, those cute shoes you saw in Insadong, that awesome scarf in Gangnam is like finding gold at the bottom of the ocean.  I’m an everyday girl who has yet to accomplish so much, but I find it natural to see great outcomes from hard efforts.

Why is Korean fashion so awesome to me?

Usually people who like fashion have their own distinct style and taste.  Some people don’t know how to find their own style and I understand these people.  When I was young, after much exploration, and silly dress ups I learned how to look stylish with a small bank account.  Korea has a mix of high and low quality threads, but most importantly, I can runaway from labels!  A lot of times people are paying for the name and getting ripped off because people make the mistake of only wearing name brands to become fashionable. Although in reality, fashion labels aren’t the only route to being stylish.  I want to cover the basics of my everyday life from oddly styled Koreans wearing couple shirts to the items you wish you could wear.  If you plan to come to Korea, by glimpsing this blog, you might want to bring an empty suitcase! 🙂 

K-Style (picture below) + My Style = Leopard hat, Big sweater like this one showing bare shoulder over leggings with high boots = Fun, Flirty, Feminine  

Sweater 45,000, Leggings 10,000, Hat 12,000

Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea


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